Below please find the general rules of the ADVENTICA park. For some activities are applied additional safety and behaviour rules. Visitors are familiarised with them and briefed when they come to the park.

Access to the ADVENTICA park

Visitors can get into the ADVENTICA PARK when they purchase a ticket and get a special bracelet.

Special rules based on age

Children, 6 years old or younger, can enter the entertainment spaces with an adult companion only. Children from 6 to 12 years must be accompanied by an adult to enter the park, and can be left without adult supervision inside the park if their accompanying adult signs written permission on site. Children from 12 to 18 can come and stay in the park alone but must provide the Acceptance of Responsibility document signed by their (foster) parents.

Disabled visitors

Disabled visitors may play in the ADVENTICA park only if accompanied by grownups who are able to take here of them in a proper and professional way.

Responsibility of visitors

When purchasing a ticket, the visitor confirms acknowledgement with the rules of ADVENTICA and takes full responsibility for following them. Responsibility for underaged visitors shall be assumed by their, (foster) parents.

Supervision of children

In the ADVENTICA park, we do not render children supervision services. Parents or foster parents shall take care of supervision and safety of their underaged.

Dress code for visitors


In the ADVENTICA park, it is not allowed to play in shoes or barefoot. We suggest wearing socks with a rubber non-slip sole. Such socks, suitable for playing, are available for purchase in the entertainment park ADVENTICA. Clothes and shoes can be left in the wardrobe. 

We suggest choosing comfortable clothes: sportswear, outfit easy to move in - sounds perfect. In the trampoline space, it is wise and essential to cover as much of your body as possible, wear long sleeved T-shirts and long sports pants.

Health condition of visitors

In case of any health issues, disorders, traumas or other conditions, you are kindly asked to reasonably consider your capability to play in the park.


In case of any injuries or accidents, please notify the staff of the entertainment park without delay. In case of extreme emergency, please call 112 immediately.


It is strictly forbidden to enter the park under influence of drugs, alcohol and other substances.

No food and drinks are allowed in any entertainment. A special area is devoted to catering.

Any sharp or apt to break items are forbidden.

Any third parties can render their services exceptionally under a written consent of the manager of the ADVENTICA park.

Disregarding the rules of the park

In the event of persistent disregard of the rules, ignoring warnings or in case any circumstances adverse for other visitors to entertain safely in the park are established by improper behaviour of a visitor, the ADVENTICA staff shall have the right to ask such offender to leave the entertainment space without the right to come back. The time unused shall not be indemnified and the money shall not be refunded in such case.

ADVENTICA personnel

The ADVENTICA personnel maintain the equipment, take care of common order and briefing visitors. In case you need any of their assistance, do not hesitate to approach to employees wearing special ADVENTICA T-shirts.

Filming and photographing

During public events, you can be filmed or photographed. If you disagree with this and notice being filmed or photographed, you have the right to ask for not publishing such material.

In the entertainment space, visitors are allowed to film and photograph events and space itself for non-commercial purposes ONLY and avoiding identifiable persons, unless their permissions are given.

Video surveillance 

For the safety of persons and property, the entertainment area of the ADVENTICA park is constantly monitored by video cameras. Recordings are kept for no longer than 90 days. Please find out more about video surveillance by email [email protected]

Refund policy

Money for purchased goods and / or services is not refunded. However, on case-by-case basis, we may offer other products and / or services in exchange for the amount paid for the purchased products and / or services.

F.A.Q. about birthday parties and their rules

Celebrating in one of our birthday party rooms? Please get familiar with the rules for birthday parties and read birthday room rules and F.A.Q..

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