Why birthdays are important for kids

1. Make special

A birthday party is a great opportunity to make your child feel special for simply being who they are. It’s not based on their talents or efforts - it’s simply a way to show your child they’re special on their own.

2. Make Memories

As your child grows up, they’ll spend more time creating their own memories with friends. Planning a party gives you a chance to make memories with your child — and those memories are gifts you can both enjoy for years to come.

3. Encourage Friendships

When you encourage your child to invite friends to a party, you’re showing them you value the friendships they’ve made with their peers.

Birthday parties give children a chance to socialize outside the confines of school.

4. Teach Children to Celebrate Others

You make your child feel special by planning a party for their birthday, they will learn to look for ways to help their friends and family members experience the same joy they felt. Over time, they will begin to look for more ways to celebrate others by giving gifts and planning special surprises for others.

5. Socialization

When you encourage your child to spend time in groups of other children - you’re creating opportunities for them to practice socializing in groups. They can practice the manners you’ve taught at home, learn how to hold conversations, interact with others and deal with conflict when it arises.

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