Shooting simulator or interactive shooting range for children.

With the development of various social, scientific and technological industries, there has been a need to model and simulate as much as possible processes and activities that would otherwise be very expensive or too time-consuming, dangerous or even impossible. By simulating these processes, they are ideal for entertainment, making these activities completely safe and fun. When creating an interactive game that is absolutely safe, our main idea is that regular shooting exercises train sharp vision and memory, maintain muscle tone, develop respiratory muscles, the ability to concentrate, accuracy and sleight of hand. The interactive game consists of four toy weapons, allowing you to use this game with your friends. The main principle of shooting is to hit as many colored targets as possible with the pistol you choose. Goals change quickly, so be careful what color you choose! Maybe you won’t be able to win the first time, because first you need to get used to what you see, to the simulation system and the principles of the game, but the most important thing is that you need to adjust your vision and reflexes, then everything will work out. It's all a game

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