Name day celebration in ADVENTICA!

Latvians are one of the most passionate celebrators of name days. This is evidenced by the even unwritten law that uninvited people can come to visit on the name day, as opposed to receiving an invitation to a birthday party.

Parents' wishes for choosing a child's name are different.

The most popular names among girls in April are Valeria - April 9, Laura - April 18, Anastasia - April 21, Alina - April 26, Sofia - May 15, Emilia - May 22, Loreta - May 27.

In turn, the most popular names among boys are Edgars - April 8, Rūdolfs - April 17, Ģirts - May 5, Klāvs - May 9, Eduards and Edvards - May 26.

Family Amusement Park Adventica offers spacious themed rooms for name day celebrations, which are no less important than birthdays!

Celebrate Name Day in one of the 6 themed party rooms and then have fun in the entire ADVENTICA park!

What awaits you? Constructions with mazes, trampolines, go-kart track, obstacle course, interactive games, ball area, baby corner, etc.

See you again,

Adventica team!

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