How to entertain safely in children

Amusement parks and game rooms are usually associated with fun, fun time, the power of excitement, cool moments with friends, guesswork and fun adventures. The time spent in amusement parks will certainly be wonderful and full of good emotions, if we do not forget the daily, common and important safety rules related to movement, eating, safe behavior and vigilance. We invite you to familiarize yourself with important tips for having fun safely in children's playrooms.

  1. When you arrive at a theme park, game room, or amusement park, make sure to dress appropriately . It should not restrict movements, it would be good not to press. If you will have fun in activities where there will be inflatable trampolines or slides, we recommend that you dress children in long pants (leggings).
  2. The fewer accessories "on the child" , the better and safer: pins, watch, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, hair bow, wallet in pocket. If possible, leave these items in the cupboards. After a collision, it really hurts when you hit the "pin". Really!
  3. Avoid going to the amusement park after eating or overeating . The same, by the way, also applies in the pool or sauna. The body becomes heavy, there may be a risk of nausea.
  4. You can only eat and drink in designated areas. Do not bring food to entertainment . You see this message at theme parks not because the owners are afraid of crumbs. Eating and entertaining at the same time is a very high risk of choking. So, get stronger or have a drink in the cafe at the tables and have fun safely.
  5. In amusement parks, avoid nuts, pacifiers, chewing gum (can choke), drinks in glass containers (can break and injure you and others).
  6. If you are in a closed (indoor) amusement park - it is recommended to wear socks with non-slip soles - "with brakes" as mothers say. You will avoid injuries from slipping.
  7. Before more serious physical activity , do a warm-up , for fun, start at an easy pace, gradually increasing it.
  8. When going to entertainment, critically assess the environment where children are going to play - whether there may be facilities that are not appropriate for the child's age (height, height, ergonomics and movement). Entertain in age-appropriate spaces . And be sure to listen to the service staff. If it were possible, children would be allowed everywhere and anywhere. But there are rules for safety.
  9. When you come to any amusement park, agree with the child about the conditions of the game. Be sure to arrange a meeting place in case you get lost.
  10. Parents should regularly check where their child is, what they are doing and what they are doing in the amusement park. Caution never hurt.
  11. When having fun, leave unnecessary things in the lockers (you definitely don't need a mobile phone on a trampoline, and you can get injured while jumping). If a child wears glasses, do they really need them for entertainment?
  12. If the child has health problems (e.g. heart), check whether the load is suitable .
  13. If you leave your child in an amusement park or there is a possibility that you may get lost due to the traffic, be sure to write down your phone number (on the child's bracelet, on a note placed in the child's pocket, or on the child's stomach). This is especially relevant in foreign countries, when the child may not understand a foreign language.
  14. Be sure to notify park staff of any suspiciously unsafe items, broken toys, protruding nails, or suspicious amusements. Do not be indifferent . Even if it seems like "they must have seen it", you better say it a second time. For everyone's safety.

These recommendations are for everyone and everywhere. At the family amusement park ADVENTICA, we follow them in the same way. We invite you to do the same.

Let's have fun safely. Everything is a game!

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