Fun ways to engage kids during Christmas decorations

 1. Let the children choose some Christmas decor items.

Let them choose some decorations to add to the collection to decorate the house or Christmas tree. Sometimes you may have to say no, but you should also try to rely on the tastes and wishes of the children.

2. Tell them how to think outside the box.

When you invite them to use their imagination or think about how they can use decorations in unconventional ways, they can surprise you! Use their problem-solving skills to help decorate. Children's creativity is second to none and increases positive emotions.

3. Ask them the colors they think are missing.

Everything may seem different to children, so let them share their thoughts on decors - constructively! They will definitely have different views and suggestions, for example on the choice of colors.

4. Ask children what they think about the decorations that you have already.

The children are very sincere. Without unnecessary words, they will tell you everything they think. After a few changes, the children will be happy with your decorating teamwork!

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