Creating the Magic Room design

MAGIC ROOM - new in the ADVENTICA range of party rooms!

A book of spells and various tubes of dangerous potions will give your celebration an atmosphere worthy of everyone's beloved Harry Potter.
The mysterious magic was brought to our last - 8th party room by Lithuanian-Ukrainian artist and designer Beata Kurkul. Beata is a designer - art director at one of the game development studios in Kiev.
We were curious to find out what exactly inspired Beata, how did she create this and her other designs?
You can take a look at the magical designer's story and find out more below:

"... The design was chosen by your colleagues - they accidentally stumbled upon my gallery: I am currently working as an art director in one of the game development studios in Kiev. We specialize in casual games: detective, adventure, etc. I started as a regular concept artist when I moved from Lithuania to Kiev in 2008 (I am a Lithuanian citizen, but married with Ukrainian citizen).
Inspired mainly by fantasy movies: "Harry Potter", "The Hobbit", "Lord of the Rings", as well as Miyazaki's animated films and several computer games in fantasy style. In the studio we usually draw locations from a ready-made concept and technical specifications (as art director I can be partly involved in inventing and developing the game worlds), but here I can completely do my own thing, from the concept to the style I choose. And it became a kind of meditation between alarm sirens. On the one hand, you're ready to run for cover, on the other, a new world is born on the computer. And it's extremely invigorating and stress-relieving.
Outside of work and in my daily free time, I am a military artist. I have been working with the Ukrainian military, especially border guards, since 2015 - that is, I draw them, their lifestyle, portraits of active military and those who passed away. I really appreciate my "civilized" work - it keeps me from being completely immersed in the current war."

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