A giant inflatable playground

The large indoor inflatable playground is installed in the new part of the family entertainment park ADVENTICA. What it could be compared to....To a gym. Yes, it is as big as a gym. One of the World's best manufacturer of inflatables created and produced it based on ADVENTICA custom requirements. The inflatable is very strong, durable and safe. The manufacturer‘s representatives came to visit us before the opening and checked that everything is ready and done following the highest safety requirements. The inflatable is also inspected by a professionals regularly to comply with EU safety standards. 

When jumping and playing on the inflatable, you will find there an enormous obstacle racing course, 3 slides so much loved by children and many obstacle runs. 
To everybody who comes, we always suggest to start with a warm up. Simply jump up and down while waving your hands. Only then move on to obstacles courses or play some gams. Every evening, we inspect this giant inflatable, deflate it and leave to rest during the night, and in the morning, just in two minutes we inflate it again! This spectacular view is supervised by our staff.

Playing on the giant inflatale is allowed for anyone 3 years or older.
Yes, that includes adults. We ourselves love it!

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