10 ways to make your Christmas tree safe for kids

From luxurious to practical, we've got the best tips for keeping your Christmas tree safe this holiday season.

If you can't beat them, join them

Paper and yarn decorations are luxurious and completely safe for kids


Anyone with a small child knows that silence is definitely not a golden thing. Decorate the lower branches of your Christmas tree with bells so you can hear when your little one admires it too close.


Stop the curious by packing big empty boxes and creating a gift block. It is beautiful and functional. If you are not so creative, forget the beautiful paper packaging and use the children's gate instead.

Artificial Christmas tree

Get rid of the worries (and cleaning) of a traditional Christmas tree with a simple artificial Christmas tree. Make the branches just as gorgeous and real, simple or complex, with a variety of decorations.

Smaller Christmas tree

Choose a smaller Christmas tree and keep it high, away from curious little hands. You can add all the brilliance of a traditional ornament while your kid is sure to admire it from a lower level.

Make sure the spruce is stable

The Christmas tree must be placed firmly so that it does not tip over and injure your kid.


A simple Christmas tree without decorations and lamps is also elegant and modern. If you can do without flashing lights and old decorations, this alternative is safe for kids and quite beautiful.

Everything up

Remove the decorations from the lower branches and move them to the upper ones so that they are out of reach of the kid. Parental victory!

Unbreakable ornaments

Unbreakable decorations will allow children to have children without worrying about hundreds of broken glass everywhere.

Without a Christmas tree

This is definitely the last resort, but if you can't find other options and don't want to get stuck, you can also do with simple Christmas decorations.

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