Electric go-kart track

In the family entertainment park ADVENTICA, in the best seen place through the windows, there is an electric go-kart track under the roof. This is nearly the only service in the whole park available for an additional fee (together with several game tables). The space designed for children and grownups offers driving electric go-karts in a special track. Most cars can be used two ways: children can drive alone or together with an adult companion.

You will not smell petrol or diesel in this state-of art electric go-kart track, as these cars are charged with electricity. In the track, we installed 2 natural size traffic lights that operate the way they do in the streets. For this reason, children can learn road safety rules and requirements in the safe environment.

In the enclosed electric go-kart track, children can learn road safety rules independently or together with adults. It includes a lot of key traffic signs:  zebra crossing, give way, line arrows, main road, turn, speed meter, settlement and street signs and markings. If required, we can arrange road safety lessons for schools and kindergartens. The road safety ABC should be our priority; therefore, this is an easy way to learn main rules in a closed and safe track, and children can acquire knowledge through experience and emotions when driving electric go-karts by themselves.

The enclosed go-kart track – an outstanding entertainment, activity for leisure time, and at the same time it is a lesson of safe driving and prevention for children and adults. Maybe in the future, we will be able to ride here scooters or any other innovative means of transport not invented yet.

In the observation platform above the track, parents can see their children, take pictures, enjoy development of their skills and check if they follow the rules. And children can make fun of crossing the tunnel under it. We sincerely hope the track will be not only a great fun and way to spend time but also a useful lesson of road safety for children.The go-kart track takes coins/tokens of Dad Kristaps: 1 coin = 1 EUR to drive 3 minutes. Tokens can be purchased at the reception.

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